Friday, 24 February 2012


a little misleading but not by much.  I've had a couple of very glamorous weeks at burlesque class with my bosom buddies, Sigrid and Lisa.  The class is in Falkirk, and is taken by the very lovely, gorgeous and extremely funny Dr Sarah ''Gypsy Charms'' Vernon.  And it's fun and exercise in that it reminds me I have muscles somewhere, at least it does a couple of days later! 

So aside for my two and a half hours on a Thursday night, and being back at work, other things are also coming together.  Piper has started to sleep better at night more often than not, and when she does get up very rarely is she requiring me to stay with her!  Winner! :D

And I got the commission on the messenger bag completed!  So I'm feeling pretty damned happy today ... which is just as well, as I'm off the tabs! ;) 

Here's the bag 

And here's a shot of the boa I made (faux fur of course daaaaaaahrlink) and here's a shot of my practice make up! :) 

Oh ok, here's a pic of Piperdoo too ;) 

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  1. I loves the bag :O) can't wait to send it on to its proper person, she is going to be so chuffed, its gorgeous, you are a clever fluffy boa wearing ladeee xx