Monday, 18 July 2011

love you long tiem!

It's been a while, and no, nothing became of my Pimms cupcakes...time slipped away and holidays intervened.  Since then I've been keeping my head below the parapet, in case Lady Luck or Fate catch me with a stray bullet again!

We had a lovely holiday break in the Trossachs... staying here ...

We were swimming daily (sometimes more than once) and played tennis instead of watching it on the telly! A couple of days out to the Doune and Dunblane Highland Games and also a visit to Inchmaholme Priory on Lake of Mentieth...

It was exactly the break we all needed, though the wheel snapping at the busy roundabout in Stirling on day two didn't help! We did overcome it, and Piper had a lovely birthday with her Granny, Grandpa and Uncle Stevie all making the trip up the road to see her on the day and take us out for dinner!

My first point of order (apart from the drudgery of work) on my return was to make a start on a bag for Lynn Davy.  I had an idea in my head of what sort of bag Lynn wanted, but wasn't entirely sure how to best approach it.  Suffice to say yesterday, after clearing my crafting table so I could at least see the wood and move my sewing machine to the fore, I set about making a mock-up bag. 

And the results are thus.  I've sent Lynn a message to see if this ticks the requirement boxes and am keeping my fingers crossed.

I was also recently asked by Catherine to make a fascinator, with the prerequisite that it have beetle wings, and perhaps some peacock feathers... It was a bit of a rush order, and I had the desire to use a vintage dress clip as a sparkling accent.  I didn't take any photos, but Catherine did.  I'm delighted to say she liked it and it almost survived the transport of Royal Mail unscathed ...

To keep me on my toes, I've entred a bracelet swapsie on Operation:Tackle That Bead Stash so have that on the 'to do' list as well.  Sadly, into each crafty life some rain must fall, I was disappointed lately that I was unable to repair a friend at work's ring ... it is of great sentimental value but one of the claws in the setting has lost that vital piece that secures the stone.  I'm many things, but lack the skills or knowledge to do anything about this particular issue.

But bouyed by my successes, I have ordered a couple of books, and intend to use up not only my bead stash but also my fabric hoard!

Nice to see you again  xx


  1. Lovely to see you back blogging. Is that Forest Hills at Aberfoyle?

    Loving the bag you've made for Lynn. Remind me to show you my handbag books tomorrow. What books have you ordered - you can't keep us hanging in suspense like that!!!

    Lisa xoxo

    p.s. it's never too late to try the Pimms cupcakes :D

  2. The proto-bag is up for grabs on the Bead Buddies board in this/last month's Pass The Parcel - though I've no doubt I will tote it along tomorrow so you can see all it's flaws (mistakes from which I have learned!)

    It's not quite as far as Aberfoyle, Loch Achray on the road to Loch Katrine. We meant to go there too, but ran out of free days what with all our wheel fate and visitors! :)

    I bought the Bag Making Bible (which I'm certain you already have) and the basics of Corset Building! OoooOOoooOOOoooo *saucy eyebrows!*

    As for cupcakes, I intend to have time tomorrow to make something cake-a-licious, but not entirely sure what! :)

  3. I'll try and take a proper photo, that was me holding fascinator with one hand and clicking with the other...amazed it isn't wobblier!

  4. Ooo'er, I was wondering where you had gone!! Lovely looking place for ones hols *sigh* Casa del Hereford for me again this year!! Nice bag Mrs, bet she loves it! x

  5. Yay! *squidgy hugs*
    lovely to see what you have been up to .. .the castle hotel looks amazing, almost fairytale!

    and i can just dream about how amazingly scruptious that fascinator is. It's beautiful! ♥
    glad to have you blogging again