Sunday, 24 July 2011

Feeling fruity!

What a brilliantly sunny day today... was thinking of something to do outside today so took the children to West Craigie Fruit Farm near Edinburgh (not far from the airport!) . . . It must have been an omen that the sat nav sent us the wrong place at first.  Oh dear, that sounds like we didn't have a good time, but we did ...

Piper loved getting chugged around on the tractor in the play area ... but the fruit fields weren't in the best of shapes with nettles, thistles and other less nefarious weeds growing through the straberry plants rather prolifically!

We picked nearly two kilos in half an hour though, so some for eating, some for freezing and some for jamming and some for making strawberry sekt! Sounds okay doesn it?  They are all hulled now, and the blast freezing is taking place.  We also got stung on the cost of ice cream - 2 quid for a scoop in a tiny cone?  Saw us coming, (and the rest of the people - it was hoaching, with folks with terrible manners it would seem)!  Sadly, if they saw us coming they didn't call in more staff, and ran out of vanilla ice cream (they had a couple of new tubs in but they were not softened ready enough to serve, and we were told it would take half an hour...erm, why not have had them out earlier then? they could tell it was busy, not to mention a scorcher (nsfw)!)

We took the scenic route home and sung songs in the car... but we're now bushed, and don't feel like eating ... Boys are out playing with their friends and Piper is playing guitar and watching Peppa Pig .... :D

Next week, we'll go en famille to Cairnie Fruit Farms in Coupar .... it is a far better fruit farm and they might even have decent raspberries ( mmmmm my favourite!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! xx


  1. 2 quid for an ice cream cone!! Cheaper to buy the tub from Asda!! Lovely blue skies in the pics, wish mine were still little to do that, they grow up too fast!

  2. Weather has been lovely the past few days ... it is nice to spend an arvo picking fruit and playing. I felt that time had slowed right down for us, but the rat race pace still seemed to be the norm and I was astounded at how many people with terrible manners were concentrated in the one place. Barging past toddlers/pensioners and skipping queues ... grrrrr :)