Wednesday, 1 December 2010

well ...

...that was interesting!

And when I say interesting, I mean exciting and momentarily scary.

I've been out in the snow, clearing the driveway, I figure if I prepare now I won't be so bad off when it comes to us actually needing out.  So I work my way up to the car to discover our neighbour has cleared her car and driveway on to ours, and the space between our cars, where the drivers door is, natch, is piled up to the roof with snow.  No biggie, I'm strong enough, and Steve (the ex) has come up to visit with the boys (Ewan and Stuart) and they and their little sister (Piper) have an adult watching over them.  I say an adult, but we all know what midlife crisis does to the average male eh? *winks*

So there I am, leaning on the snow shovel (don't get jealous, it's the neighbour's, ours mysteriously disappeared!) and talking to said neighbour, when the loud low pitched (this far away) moan starts up.  Her car is running, so it's difficult to tell, and we were talking.  She freezes, and looks at me, I look at her, infused by her panic and we both shout 'BP' at the top of our lungs and dash into the house.  A quick check of the int0rweb reveals it's a siren test ...I've already dialled Taede (current OH - he's Dutch! - and a postie!) as he's delivering in Polmont, today, as he does every other day! By the time he's answered I can confirm to him it's a test, and laconic as ever, he says, ''thought so.'' Fecker!

Back out to clear the remaining snow, and try to get into the car to clear it.  There's  no room for any more snow so the idea was to move it back towards the road, but still in the driveway so I could clear it.  No joy, because of the volume of white stuff on the other side of the car, the car is slithering close to the house.  And as it's my mother's car and not mine I ain't risking it spotwelding itself to the roughcast!

So that was my afternoon.... Of course, in the middle of all this it started snowing again, and more looks to be on its way, so I wonder if it is all worth it.  

No word from my parents yet, they're supposed to be en route to Southhampton or somesuch to board the Queen Elizabeth for a two week cruise to the Canaries....  I'm assuming 'no news is good news' ... Or they're back home and in the huff, one of the two!  

Sigrid is coming over, braving the snaw!  It's amazing what we'll do for a bit o' vino some nibbles and a damn good bitching session, isn't it?  


  1. British Petroleum has a huge refinery at Grangemouth, about 3 or 4 miles away. Their siren is heard for miles to warn inhabitants of any nasty gas spillage, or worse, fire and so on. I also think that it doubles as our 2 minute warning, it's certainly the same noise :(

  2. I work down the docks (daytime hours only) right beside BP and I couldn't even hear the siren - pretty scary if it had been for real.

  3. haha! love it, Daylight Hours! :) You don't mean that wee square building at the back of our delivery area? :D :D

    That is a bit odd not being able to hear it, especially as on that day there was little or no wind to speak of...and the OH heard it in Polmont, as well as us in Falkirk.... think you ought to wear a gas mask.... daylight hours only of course ;)

  4. I'm down beside the big cranes. Think I may invest in a gas mask - will look a treat going round Asda in my lunch break :D

  5. At least if I'm on an unusual shift I will recognise you ;)