Friday, 3 December 2010


Yesterday as the snow shone, the icicles grew longer, the stalagmites taller, and the kids that little bit kookier, my other half got home at a very early timeSo I donned my wellies, double layered myself, put on my hi-viz jacket, fingerless gloves and roadkill fuzzy hat and set forth for a supermarket.  Taede has been very good, topping things up daily, but even though he received a list, he didn't buy it all which became very frustrating.  So working my bag-lady look, I made it to where I work, and got on with some serious shopping.  Asda was mobbed! Utterly bouncing with people buying grub like it was out of fashion! Seriously, who the feck needs 20 packs of babycorn?

Salt was limited per customer, and so was bread. Not just bought in bread either, like Hovis or Kingsmill, but their own baked goods, such as rolls and crusty bread!  I couldn't believe it.  Of course, as my hair was greasy and my bag lady look so complete in it's authentic glory, I met everyone I knew!  At least I finally managed to pay my lottery money to the syndicate! Thanks Lorna for the funny of the day....she eyes my brown fake fur hat (it's like a tuke ... eh? ;) ) and says, ''I like what you've done with your hair....!'' B!tch! :D

On the way home I was wondering if I'd get parked on the top road again.  The space was there, but before I got to it, travelling very much uphill, despite the fact he saw me and my lights navigating the single lane made by the plough, a taxi pulled out and played chicken.  Full of ire and faith in my reversing I backed down (quite literally) until another car, turned around the corner behind me!  Checkmate!  I plundered someone's driveway to let the tube in the taxi past.  When I did reach my point of origin, I couldn't park in it, because pedestrians decided it's perfectly safe to swipe the sides of my car while I attempt to move it on ten inches of snow!  Least I have a clean bar on my (Taede's) car now.  I called Taede to say, and he told me to just come home and park it in the drive.  So one out of two's no' bad is it? Another farking pedestrian with a deathwish started walking up the hill towards me. So I had to stop. And didn't have enough momentum to clear the slight incline of pavement! Taede despaired, but couldn't move it so we're now blocking our neighbour's driveway as does it feel ya numpty?! :)

I don't know what we're going to do when winter comes! ;)  


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