Tuesday, 30 November 2010


As a result of enjoying being a narcissist on a beading forum I frequent (frequently), I've taken the plunge and have entered the world of bloggage.... hmm, sounds like a bit of a push, if you ask me!


As it may, or may not be where you are, the snow here as we perch on the south wall of the Ochils dominated Forth Valley, is pretty damned deep.  Now I'm a shortarse, I make no bones about it, but even being so dumpy of frame, I'm gabberflasted the snow is up to my hip in places....places it seems the dog wishes to drag me!  During the meanderings and musings throughout this blog, you will learn more about my past, my family, my workmates ...sorry, colleagues(!) and what makes me tick.

Be assured that my opinion is not everyone's, that life really isn't a dress rehearsal, and bring yer tenalady!

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