Friday, 27 January 2012

Like A Bus

that's me and my erratic blogging, wait for long enough and a few posts run in at once!

It's been a funny old week, with the runny bum going around the house.  Luckily Piper doesn't seem to be too badly affected and it has skipped the other half and Stuart in the main, with Ewan and I taking the biggest hits ...

However, yesterday I felt like making something.  I got started with a large wheat bag for my Dad.  He's to heat up his knee before he does his physio exercises.  I made a huge piece of fabric but with a kilo of wheat in it. This meant that he can flatten it out quite evenly before strapping it around his leg.  I hope that once he's done, I can shorten it and it will become a regular sized hottie!  I didn't take photos though :(

I also made a start with the button field bag.   Nancy Dale of NEDbeads mentioned some coffee streusel cake and the idea intrigued me.  I just *had* to find a recipe and get to it.  I used this recipe I found, and it resulted in a lovely light cake contrasted by a really crispy crumble topping.  It was lovely still warm with a cuppa, but it was excellent with some custard as a dessert.  Ideal for a cold winter night. 

Today, I finished the bag, lining it with a contrasting duponi, which was left over from Sigrid's tote bags.  It made a lovely finish to the vintage cotton.  A secret surprise inside! 

I also received the ribbon I ordered earlier in the month for continuing the taggy blanket range. So I'm raring to go!


  1. Oh I LOVE your bag!! And thank you for the shout out, you wonderful woman! :) :)

  2. I made the bag with little girls in mind, but honestly I think come spring if it's not sold I might use it myself! :)

  3. I'm loving those ribbons (as well as the bag of course!). Where'd you get them from?

    1. The Bay of e, Jane, from a Hong Kong supplier. Took ages to get here but worth it as it was super cheap and the colours match my taggy fabric so very well! :)

  4. Oh I like that bag! And the ribbon...and the cake of course!